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Smart Clothes and Accessories

NANA is a wearables kit to start, create and experiment in the universe of wearable technologies. Completely modular and versatile, it allows you to test various possibilities to create intelligent clothes and accessories, which light up, vibrate or sound responding to stimuli.

NANA kit contains modules

NANA is a kit consisting of modular parts - buttons, LEDs, buzzer, vibrating motor, battery and connectors with conductive lines, which can be conveniently and reversibly affixed to clothes and accessories. Design your circuit of possibilities - the kit offers the tools you need to test your first ideas!
Turn on and off
Light up

NANA kit contains methods

Beyond the modular parts, NANA is a way of thinking wearables. It has a methodology of ideation, with a board and cards where it is possible to create a wearable for a character and to know a repertoire of possibilities. In addition, it has tutorials that allow you to build step-by-step projects, from the most basic to the most advanced. All this made available in an open way!
Board and Cards
The board is the environment to create a prototype from an unusual story. Ideation cards bring narrative elements (character, feature, object, body part, etc.). Reference cards bring materials and technological methods as a suggestion to work on the challenge.
To start and develop people in the world of wearables, we created several tutorials that illustrate the various possibilities of the kit and allow you to learn progressively about the various concepts covered - electronics, programming, digital manufacturing, flexible conductive materials, etc.

NANA kit under construction

Made to prototype - and by the hands of who really prototypes! Developed by a team of experts and makers, the kit relied on several creative immersions, experiments and prototypes until arriving in its current version.


Lina Lopes
Mau Jabur
Ricardo O' Nascimento
Rita Wu